Saturday, September 10, 2011

How Amazing is This?

This picture was taken in Africa on my sister's trip to visit her daughter this summer.  The amazing and inspiring aspect of this picture is what it represents in the life of my sister.  She is in her sixties and has never been out of the country or ever taken a trip outside of California by herself.  What she did by stretching the boundaries of her universe and by stepping way outside her comfort zone is a great lesson to us all.  We all have opportunities in life to do something big - to take a leap of faith - to know that we are guided to something bigger than anything that we have ever experienced before.  What we do with these special, fleeting and monumental moments can change us irrevocably.  If we can press through our fears of the unknown we have a chance to see a whole new world that will provide us with amazing and unforgettable memories.  Each moment that is presented to us to experience is unique and offers brilliant opportunities.  Our job is to seize each moment, no matter how much it challenges us, plow through any perceived obstacles, have courage and go walking with the lions.

Sunday, September 4, 2011


Pepper Lewis invited me to join her as a guest on her segment of Steve Rother's webcast which aired on August 27th.  It was such a delight to spend time with her and to have time with Steve to talk about my work.  With her prodding I was able to get out in the world a little more and be comfortable with it.  Thank you Pepper for the encouragement and the wonderful words, and thank you Steve for including me in your light-filled show.  It obviously has a huge audience because I have been hearing from people all over the world.  What a delight!!!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Words from a Good Friend

A dear friend created this poem for me. Hope you enjoy it.

In a pool of sunlight
Below the limbs of tree and man,
A sprite conjures on the forest floor
Content to weave her magic, blend her love
And wisdom into blue glass vials.
She knows, this sprite,
When to hold a pinch of moonlight
Clenched and when to set it free,
She knows that healing this –
Takes some of that …
But mending what you have and
Do not want, may never change
The pattern of your soul,
Though may remove the veil for
You to see.

Dawn Charlton

Without loving and caring for others, most of us stand little chance of communing with God, no matter how many years we may spend in silent prayer." -- Bo Lozoff

You can't be serious!! A man of God?

Today I was happily standing in line at the deli to order a salad when two guys in white shirts and dark pants started complaining about the service and about why no one else complaining.  After several minutes of their "fussing" I said that perhaps other people felt less spiritual when then were complaining.  So the guy asked me if I was spiritual. Of course, I said with a big smile.  Now I knew something was coming...  He asked what I felt about the awful things in the world.  I said I felt people with love in their hearts would prevail against the "fear mongers". He said that damnation would reign down on mankind (since they had been evil for 6000 years) and all the "false churches" and that this will be the end of the world.  It was written in the Bible.  I was tempted to ask "what false churches? or in which Bible or ...  but then I realized that there is no arguing with those who hold fear and dread and exclusionary thinking so close.  All we can do really is to hold our hearts full of love and know that in our world God, in us, is loving, forgiving and inclusive.  I said to him "we sure picked an amazing time to be on Earth."  Man, did he give me a look and answered his mom and dad picked when he was here.  Wow!!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

A lovely thought about being.

I received this wonderful quotation from a new friend and I wanted to share it with others. It is so appropriate as we concentrate on walking our walk and living in each moment.

"The master in the art of living makes little distinction between her work and her play, her labor and her leisure, her mind and her body, her information and her recreation, her love and her religion. She hardly knows which is which. She simply pursues her vision of excellence at whatever she does, leaving others to decide whether she is working or playing. To her she is always doing both."

Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Law of Reflection

After watching the joy and jubilation of the Egyptian people who with courage and peaceful commitment to change had finally achieved the first part of their stated goals toward freedom, I flipped the station to get another perspective and who should appear but Glenn Beck with blackboard and a video with horror-film musical accompaniment and many difference shots of ranting, raving people crying for revolution. Then there were many more pieces of paper held up with corroborating "evidence" that many cloaked groups were conspiring with these brave people from Egypt to take over the world and force Islamic law on us all. The clever part of Mr. Beck's speech was that in a conspiratorial tone he tells his minions that if he is taken off the air, they will now have the tools to find all the informed documents that he has compiled so that they can get the answers they need. If you only use one source for information and that source makes a great deal of money stirring up hatred and paranoia, how does that encourage anyone to find balanced and informed answers to any question. I wonder if he has ever heard of the law of reflection - since his conspiracy theories are all "with the enemy" what does that say about the way he really thinks? If all he sees is the evil and conspiracy in the world, is that what he has within himself? Just wondering...

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Are They Indigos?

While watching the news from Egypt and seeing the passion of so many people -women, men, and children struggling to express their desire for a voice in their own society, I was struck by the youthfulness of the majority of demonstrators. News sources say that the average age in most of the countries is 26 which would suggest that these young people are Indigos. These young people are here to make change in the world. The crux of the issue then is whether the change that comes from all of this turmoil is created for light or for dark. Our task as enlightened beings is to hold light and love around this situation in hopes of tipping the scales in favor of more love and less hate. With the polarities holding strong to their positions - the old guard holding on to the ways of control and exclusivity and the new pushing for a more inclusive and balanced way we are definately at a turning point. Lingering on the outskirts are the radicals hoping for a foothold. Can the people break the chains of oppression in favor of a more representative way? If they win the opportunity to participate in their own government will they be able to handle the task? Other countries are watching in hope. We owe it to them and to ourselves to open our hearts and shine our light in their support...