Saturday, September 10, 2011

How Amazing is This?

This picture was taken in Africa on my sister's trip to visit her daughter this summer.  The amazing and inspiring aspect of this picture is what it represents in the life of my sister.  She is in her sixties and has never been out of the country or ever taken a trip outside of California by herself.  What she did by stretching the boundaries of her universe and by stepping way outside her comfort zone is a great lesson to us all.  We all have opportunities in life to do something big - to take a leap of faith - to know that we are guided to something bigger than anything that we have ever experienced before.  What we do with these special, fleeting and monumental moments can change us irrevocably.  If we can press through our fears of the unknown we have a chance to see a whole new world that will provide us with amazing and unforgettable memories.  Each moment that is presented to us to experience is unique and offers brilliant opportunities.  Our job is to seize each moment, no matter how much it challenges us, plow through any perceived obstacles, have courage and go walking with the lions.

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