Sunday, August 2, 2009

House sitting and other thoughts

I have been taking care of Jen's dogs while Kathy is on vacation with Beth and the family. I have a good routine now and enjoy the quiet time without too many extra "jobs" here. At home I have that push to do something extra. Susie arrived home from her vacation with Buck, Andrea and Allison in Michigan. Long trip back with an unplanned overnight in Salt Lake. Yesterday Jim and I were trying to find two tickets to the US Open Tennis tournament for Trey and Carolann. Of course the official site has no available tickets - ticket master plays that game on every inquiry and it is a pain. There are other sites that have purchased blocks of tickets and then are reselling for an healthy profit of course. Gouging comes to mind. Our neighbor said she just walked up to the window and purchased tickets so maybe that is what will have to happen. Bah humbug!!