Saturday, September 3, 2011

You can't be serious!! A man of God?

Today I was happily standing in line at the deli to order a salad when two guys in white shirts and dark pants started complaining about the service and about why no one else complaining.  After several minutes of their "fussing" I said that perhaps other people felt less spiritual when then were complaining.  So the guy asked me if I was spiritual. Of course, I said with a big smile.  Now I knew something was coming...  He asked what I felt about the awful things in the world.  I said I felt people with love in their hearts would prevail against the "fear mongers". He said that damnation would reign down on mankind (since they had been evil for 6000 years) and all the "false churches" and that this will be the end of the world.  It was written in the Bible.  I was tempted to ask "what false churches? or in which Bible or ...  but then I realized that there is no arguing with those who hold fear and dread and exclusionary thinking so close.  All we can do really is to hold our hearts full of love and know that in our world God, in us, is loving, forgiving and inclusive.  I said to him "we sure picked an amazing time to be on Earth."  Man, did he give me a look and answered his mom and dad picked when he was here.  Wow!!

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