Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Law of Reflection

After watching the joy and jubilation of the Egyptian people who with courage and peaceful commitment to change had finally achieved the first part of their stated goals toward freedom, I flipped the station to get another perspective and who should appear but Glenn Beck with blackboard and a video with horror-film musical accompaniment and many difference shots of ranting, raving people crying for revolution. Then there were many more pieces of paper held up with corroborating "evidence" that many cloaked groups were conspiring with these brave people from Egypt to take over the world and force Islamic law on us all. The clever part of Mr. Beck's speech was that in a conspiratorial tone he tells his minions that if he is taken off the air, they will now have the tools to find all the informed documents that he has compiled so that they can get the answers they need. If you only use one source for information and that source makes a great deal of money stirring up hatred and paranoia, how does that encourage anyone to find balanced and informed answers to any question. I wonder if he has ever heard of the law of reflection - since his conspiracy theories are all "with the enemy" what does that say about the way he really thinks? If all he sees is the evil and conspiracy in the world, is that what he has within himself? Just wondering...

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