Saturday, February 5, 2011

Are They Indigos?

While watching the news from Egypt and seeing the passion of so many people -women, men, and children struggling to express their desire for a voice in their own society, I was struck by the youthfulness of the majority of demonstrators. News sources say that the average age in most of the countries is 26 which would suggest that these young people are Indigos. These young people are here to make change in the world. The crux of the issue then is whether the change that comes from all of this turmoil is created for light or for dark. Our task as enlightened beings is to hold light and love around this situation in hopes of tipping the scales in favor of more love and less hate. With the polarities holding strong to their positions - the old guard holding on to the ways of control and exclusivity and the new pushing for a more inclusive and balanced way we are definately at a turning point. Lingering on the outskirts are the radicals hoping for a foothold. Can the people break the chains of oppression in favor of a more representative way? If they win the opportunity to participate in their own government will they be able to handle the task? Other countries are watching in hope. We owe it to them and to ourselves to open our hearts and shine our light in their support...

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